Our Business Principles


The Environment:

We work closely with our clients, design teams, supply chain and subcontractors to ensure that we are achieving a maximum reduction in our construction site impacts, including CO2 emissions arising from our site activities and transport, water consumption, air and water pollution and responsible sourcing of materials.

We have been at the forefront of Sustainable Development, working closely with our clients and design teams to ensure that our construction methods and technologies are suitable for their long term needs with limited impact on their ongoing maintenance liability. We are particularly interested in promoting solutions which optimize the benefits to householders, improve their standard of life and reduce bills.

We even have a Biomass boiler at our head office which utilises waste timber from our sites and timber kit manufacturing business.


Health & Safety:

We operate a thorough and well documented Health & Safety system. Our construction activity is monitored by our H & S Department and independent Health & Safety Advisors, who provide H&S guidance, site safety audits and legislative updates.

As is our legal duty under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, a site-specific Construction Phase H&S Plan is produced before commencing works on any site which is reviewed by the project Principal Designer. This includes aspects of traffic management, site establishment and welfare, adjacent residents and businesses, public segregation issues and key risk activities are documented.



The quality of the homes we build and the importance we put on high quality service, have been central to the longevity and success of the McTaggart name. Over the years we have adopted modern methods of construction that reduce timescales and increase productivity, but we have always ensured that these do not impact on the quality of our homes.


Supply Chain:

Having sub-contracting businesses within our own group offers considerable benefits including quality and programme management. However, we are always keen to ensure best value for our clients and regularly sub-contract out with the group.

We only appoint sub-contractors who have been rigorously audited and considered suitable for our approved list. Before placing orders, potential sub-contractors attend a meeting to ensure that we all have the same expectations from their appointment. This process ensures that all parties are happy entering into a contract, but does not preclude SME’s for working with us.

If your business is interested in working with McTaggart Group please contact us today.