Travellers Accommodation, Girvan : Affordable housing

Project Facts at a Glance


Following a devastating flood at the previous permanent travellers’ site, South Ayrshire Council identified Coalpots Road in Girvan as a temporary site for the community to relocate to. Following further assessment, the site was identified as the best permanent option to develop with the community as it offered a rural setting close to but distinct from the existing residents of Girvan. Plus, the community could continue to live there while the new homes were built.

The design aim was to create modern, accessible, homes located within a discrete landscaped environment with efficient, safe, secure, serviced layouts for the travellers.

Through extensive consultation with the community the unique set of needs were identified and informed the creation of semi-detached ‘lodges’, each with a separate kitchen and bathroom (service) area separated from the living and sleeping accommodation by a covered corridor called a ‘breezeway’.

A number of layout options were produced and a central communal area to as a focal point for the settlement, encouraging social interaction between all ages and providing an open aspect for all homes was selected. The road layout provides a quiet, controlled and safe landscaped road with parking to the front of all the lodges. Towards the top of the site there is secure parking area for caravans.

The project won the 'Affordable Housing Development of the Year (Small, social rent)' of the Scottish Home Awards 2020.



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