North Lanarkshire’s Employer Charter – Gold Accreditation

McTaggart Construction has earned a gold accreditation for meeting North Lanarkshire’s employer charter – and was one three companies to receive recognition for “high standards of excellence”.

The panel were delighted to confirm that McTaggart Construction has been awarded the Gold Award, satisfying all of the principles within all 4 pillars; Fair Pay, Employ North Lanarkshire, Buy North Lanarkshire & Be the Best.

The award was presented on the 14th of March 2024.

Read the recently published article in The Herald, Ayrshire firm McTaggart hailed for work in North Lanarkshire | The Herald

Janice Russell, managing director of Dalry-based McTaggart Construction, said: “We are delighted to receive this recognition for the work we do to create local employment opportunities for young people and providing meaningful community benefit. As a family firm we firmly believe that building quality affordable homes can positively change lives and communities for the better.”

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