Mavor Avenue, East Kilbride : Affordable housing

Project Facts at a Glance

Client Clyde Valley Housing Association
Value £11.7m
Commencement Date August 2015
Completion Date May 2017
Description The development is located in the north of the town of East Kilbride within the Nerston Mains district lying to the east of Mavor Avenue, the south of Howard Court Industrial Estate and the west of Wilson Place.

The development, which was shortlisted for The 2017 Herald Property Awards in the Affordable Housing Development of the Year category, comprises of 110 units consisting of 4-storey apartments, cottage flats and 2 storey houses.

Our site layout strategy adopted some of the key design principles outlined in Designing Streets policy and provides enhanced courtyards and streets, parking courtyards, open green amenity space and soft landscaping.

At key areas of the site, we have formed shared surface courtyard areas. We have positioned houses on each axis of the courtyard in order to create enclosed shared amenity spaces. Each courtyard is well overlooked / supervised and has been softened with planted landscaping.

SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system)

The SUDs scheme for the development is 2 stage attenuation.

  • 1st stage attenuation - The in curtilage parking bays are permeable and collect surface water from each individual plot. This is filtered to remove any silt etc from the collected water. Following the perimeter of the roads, are filter trenches. These collect/filter all surface water from the roads.

  • 2nd stage attenuation - Located in the north-eastern corner of the site is our SUDS pond. This is where all surface water for the development goes through the second stage attenuation prior to being discharged into the Lee’s Burn.

The SUDS pond is designed to have the capacity (in the event of a flood / storm) to hold all excess water from the development, so as not to flood and damage the existing Lee’s Burn.


Architect Anderson Bell Christie
Consulting Engineers Scott Bennett Associates

McTaggart Group
Tod House, Templand Road,
Dalry, Ayrshire KA24 5EU
01294 832195